Thursday, February 18, 2010

2nd Half of Work Week Pre-Games

This week has by far been the most stressful of my time in Whistler so far. All of the new interns have arrived and have packed the trailer about as tight as one could imagine. I have put all of my clothes that I will not wear to work or to lay around in, in a locker in the rec room and have tried to consolidate the amount of stuff I have in the room. I have two bags half-full underneath my bed and no room anywhere else in the room to put stuff other than on my bed. Before the JWU interns arrived Dolton and I had 6 beds including our own to spread our stuff out on as well as almost an entire corner of the trailer to keep everything. Now all 6 of those beds are full and the floor is covered in everyone's clothes and big suitcases. The work days have gotten much longer, prior to this week we were keeping a pretty consistent schedule of working 8-9 hours each day. This week has been closer to ten hours each day on average and sometimes closer to twelve not even counting the time to get to and from work. I like most of the new JWU interns I have met so far but there does not seem to be enough work for us all to do in the office. Right now we have four interns on days where there is no class and on class days either two or three on-site. The "classes" consist on a lecture from someone inside the company or in the event management field for a few hours, followed by a tour/visit to one of the venues. Thursday was my first class day and other than being tired from the work week I thought it went really well. It was nice to get to sleep past 5am and not have to be up until 9am for the tour. On this day we went to the Sliding Center in which I got the chance to see the bobsled/skeleton/luge course and even watch some of the americans complete their practice runs for the luge. After the tour we had about two hours once we got back to camp to eat and hang out before class. During our class time I had the privilege of listening to Craig Lovett, Clean Event's owner. He gave us some insight into how he got to where he is and some practical advice for people looking to get into event management. I thought it was very interesting and informative to hear what all he had to say. It was a nice change from all the facts and generalizations you get sometimes from just reading a textbook. At times it was difficult for me to stay alert during the entire talk because I was sleep deprived from the early starts at work so far this week. Friday is usually a day that goes by pretty fast and everyone is anxious for the weekend. This time around no one has the weekend off with the beginning of the games so it went a little rougher. As I mentioned earlier there really has not been enough work for multiple interns to do at Creekside.The most frustrating part is that there is only one phone to answer and one internet connection to use. This allows for there to be a lot of down time spent just sitting around. I am frustrated at times because I do not think we all need to be there and I would really like to go back and get some sleep. Also our shift on Friday lasted 12 hours and really put a damper on any excitement I had for the weekend.

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