Sunday, February 7, 2010

Parents Here

Today (Wednesday) I am back at work at Creekside after having the day off yesterday to spend some time with my parents who came up for the week. Kylie, my venue manager and Gabby who works in the office were able to work out for me to get off yesterday and Friday since my parents are here. They got in monday night and will be here through Saturday. On Monday when they got in I took one of the BC transit buses from Creekside over to Whistler Village where they were staying. Their hotel is the Whistler Delta Suites and is right in the middle of the village. I was really anxious to see them and was excited when I finally got to. I had gone this long without seeing them but it felt weirder this time since I am so far away. On the night they got in we caught up in their room while I changed and over dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. The rest of the night we spent walking around Whistler so I could show them all the places everyone hangs out at. We ran into my Venue Manager Kylie and her boss Hughie walking around. I headed back on the 11 o'clock shuttle because their room wasn't big enough for me to stay but I was heading back to see them early in the morning. Yesterday (Tuesday) we went out to breakfast at Mogul's (Whistler's best coffee/breakfast place) and then went dogsledding. My parents don't ski too much anymore or haven't in a few years so we looked at many of the other amazing things Whistler has to offer. The shuttle for dogsledding picked us up outside the hotel around 1215 when we were scheduled to start at 1230. It took us to a place on Blackcomb Mountain close to Whistler Olympic Park, where the Biatholon, Cross Country Skiing, Ski Jump and Nordic Sports events for the 2010 Winter Olympics were being held. At one stopping point during dogsledding we could actually see the Ski Jump from far away. When we got to the dogsledding place we got out and they introduced us to all the dogs we would be using and helped the guide harness each dog onto the dogsled. Each sled took 7-8 dogs to pull it and each sled had a place for two people to sit in it with a guide on the back. The dogs were part husky and part greyhound, and started on training once they are 7 months old with a sled on wheels in the summer. My parents rode together on one sled with one guide and i rode in a sled by myself with a guide on the back. The ride starts slow and progressively got faster, mainly because the trail was more uphill on the way and downhill on the way back. They let us stand on the back of the sled and help guide once the guide was able to get full control of the dogs and how they were running. The total ride lasted around an hour and a half before we got back to the starting point. We got to see some of the puppies they had on site and my mom really enjoyed that because she's such a dog lover. Dogsledding was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and the view was amazing and like nothing i had ever seen. After we got back to the hotel i took a nap because i was exhausted. We went and grabbed a bite to eat after and just relaxed for the night and caught up since I had to work early the next day. It has been nice getting back to work, I like being involved in everything that is going on on-site at Creekside. My parents are meeting me later today for lunch which I am looking forward to.

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