Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beginning of Work Week

Work has picked up its pace compared to previous days on-site at the Creekside helpdesk. Yesterday Bruce and Benoit, the two guys for VANOC ( Vancouver Organizing Committee for the Olympics Games) in charge of SCW (Snow Clearing, Cleaning and Waste), were doing a run over the entire site to see what all needed to be done. This meant each individual problem was called into the helpdesk, must be logged, timed, and relayed to the person in the appropriate area. So if a liner needed to be placed into a waste bin, a detailed issue report must be filled out and timed each time it was called in. This was only the beginning to yesterday being a stressful day. Our team at Creekside usually communicates by radio or push-to-talk phones to explain to each other what is going on where and what needs to get done. Yesterday there were not enough radios for me to have one at the desk so my only means of communication was to call and relay the messages to Kylie. This has worked fine previously with a limited number of issues but on this day we had close to 20 issues, more than three times the usual daily amount. This made it difficult for me to keep track of who was doing what and if in fact these calls were getting done. As a result a few things did not get done, Bruce and Benoit pointed them out and then we had to go and do them after they asked again. Hughie, Kylie's supervisor was also on site for the day as he commonly is and was taking the majority of Kylie's attention, making it more difficult for everyone to stay on top of helpdesk calls. Needless to say I was happy when the workday was over and ready to start fresh another day. From work yesterday I headed straight to the gym in Creekside to meet Dolton. We both worked out for forty five minutes to an hour then headed back to camp. One of the more frustrating parts of this whole experience has been the transport situation and the lack of vehicles verus the number of people needing rides. Yesterday Dolton and I had to wait almost an hour on a shuttle after riding one of the BC Transit buses to the usual place where CleanEvent picks everyone up. After getting back to camp I ate dinner and relaxed for most of the night. The internet was being very spotty as usual and almost refusing to work. As an alternative Dolton and I played video games for an hour or two and watched some tv shows we had on disc. Today I am back in the office at Creekside and aside from Hughie being all over everyone about their work the day is going much better than yesterday. The calls have slowed and has allowed us to be more organized and on top of the calls we have gotten.

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