Friday, February 26, 2010

Monday February 22nd

The weekend was somewhat eventful but involved more work than anything. I went out with Dolton, one of the other USC interns on Friday to a bar called Merlin's. We went out around 630 pm because I had to start work at 430am the next morning. Accompanying us was Kenan, his girlfriend Kirsten, Murray, and Irish Phil, a few of the cooler folk around camp. Merlin's was packed already when we got there most likely because of the Olympics and the fact that they were advertising a five dollar burger, unheard of in Whistler. We stumbled into a few of the girl workers from Creekside and all got a table upstairs to have a chance to kick back away from work. It was a lot of fun but it was disappointing that I had to be up so early the next morning, or arguably later that night. Dolton and I headed back on the shuttle around 1130 and I went straight to be to try and get all of 3 hours of sleep for work the next day. Saturday and Sunday were both event days so they were each about 12 hours long. Saturday seemed longer because I was low on sleep but Kylie let me go by three so I got to the chance to catch up that afternoon/night. Sunday was much anticipated in Whistler because of the hockey game between the United States in Canada. Leading up to the game everyone I had heard talk around Whistler seemed convinced that Canada was going to beat the United States. I do not think I even met one person to say it would be a good game and give the United States any credit. As many of you know by now the United States took the lead first and eventually won the game 5 to 3. Canadians in Whistler immediately began talking about how Canada outshot the United States and that they would still win the gold medal. Well personally I found it amusing to see the United States win and the faces of all the over-confident Canadians as we beat them in their sport in their own country. I am not gonna take this game as any sign to predetermine who will win the gold medal in hockey but it was entertaining for the day or so. Today at work it is one of the few non-event days we have had at Creekside. Three or four of the staff have gotten the day off while several others have been signed off early. There have only been two or three calls that were small things people were finding in making sure everything was spotless for the next few days of competition. On the intern schedule I was supposed to have the day off, but Hughie was running the venue for the day so that Kylie could have the day off. Kylie asked if I would come in and work because I knew the venue the best of the interns since I had been here longer and could assist Hughie. Today has mainly been filled with calls by Hughie attempting to correct every small thing out of place. He has not been in the office a whole lot which is nice. I am pretty sure that I have the day off tomorrow since I did not today and I cannot wait. Without Kylie on site and Hughie kept busy, it is as if I am the venue manager for the day. It has been really cool to see what all Kylie does so far and is even more exciting to get to take her place if even for just a day. I know it is a non event day and somewhat slow but it is nice to have some responsibility and the chance to be a leader.

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