Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday February 26th

The end is near! The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games have truly been a once in a lifetime experience for me and all the interns that are here but I hate to say we are glad they are close to coming to an end. Despite some of the amazing moments, we are all ready to see the twelve hour shifts come to an end. Yesterday was originally a non-event day at Whistler Creekside but because the second run of one of the ladies' competition was postponed due to weather, it was completed on Thursday. This meant our staff would have an earlier start than normal, around 5am instead of 7am but our day was much shorter because the competition ended around 11 and we are contracted for the post clean which takes two and a half to three hours. The early starts really get to me when we stay until four or five in the afternoon. However this week so far has not been bad at all and much better than the week previous. Today (Friday) is the last event day I have to work because tomorrow (Saturday) I have my last class day. This event day is one of the longest because it has a morning and afternoon run but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak so it seems to be going by at a good pace. It is just me at the helpdesk today which I prefer because I am a hands on person and like to be as involved as I can in what is going on with Clean Event on-site. We have had five calls so far today but most are about slippery surfaces or minor issues that are hard to be avoided with the number of people being at the venue today. A lot of the staff at Creekside is leaving after the Olympics end and that part of the games ending is sad. We have a pretty tight crew here that all get along really well and seem to work well together. Kate, Jen and Sam are all leaving after the Olympics to continue traveling and are some of our best workers not to mention most of the personality of the workforce. I think when I look back at this trip overall I will marvel at the amazing people I met despite how hard the work was or the things I missed while I was there. Clean Event is a rare company because of the diversity in the people that work for it. I have met people from other ten different countries and have been fascinated in learning about all the different cultures. On a different note I am looking forward to the weekend and another class day. Because of the limited space in our trailer at the moment I am looking forward to all of the other interns leaving but I really have started to like a lot of them. At first we were all unsure of each other and in each other's way, but now we have really started to bond. It is a shame they have not been here the whole time or the trip itself would have been a lot more fun minus the close living quarters.

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