Monday, March 29, 2010

Friday March 12th

Today (Friday) is the last day at Creekside that is a non-event day with the Paralympics kicking off tomorrow morning at 1130 Am. In comparison to the day before the Olympics began everything seems a lot less hectic and moving at a slower pace. For Clean Event specifically I think Kylie along with everyone is a lot more comfortable in what is expected of them and they now have a better idea of what to expect on event days. Before the Olympics began there was a lot of hype about event days being crazy and full of cleaning, waste and snow removal issues that would never give our staff a chance to take a breathe. In my opinion the Olympics were a busy time but did not live up to the expectation about the level of stress/work. This may have been a strategy used by the management in Clean Event in an attempt to mentally prepare its staff for these days. However now after having worked during the Olympics everyone is just ready for the Paralympics to get going. Arguably the biggest difference in the 0ffice today is that Hughie is not here overseeing everything as he was before the Olympic games and instead Craig is. They have different approaches to prepping the venue managers as well as different demeanors in how they want stuff done. Kylie obviously has more experience under her belt now after the Olympics and feels much less stressed with her brother Craig supervising instead of Hughie. From a personal standpoint I knew my responsibilities before the Olympics pretty well but now I am much more efficient at carrying them out. I have a better idea now of what Kylie wants on a daily basis after having worked with her for over a month. Citrix is Clean Event's software program, which I was slow to learn because we did not have internet at Creekside for the first 3 weeks I was in Whistler. After using it for a month or so I can get things done much faster and am a better asset to the organization of our venue. Despite the fact that a lot of our current staff at Creekside did not work at this venue during the Olympics, we have some of our best workers still onboard that have shown the new guys the way. All the new additions seem to be hard workers and quick learners which has made our overall performance better. The opening ceremony for the Paralympics is taking place tonight followed by eight days of competition. The events for the Paralympics are about an hour longer each day but we are only contracted to arrive 3.5 hours before the event starts instead of five for the Olympics. This is due to less media and broadcast people on-site as well as the expectation for less spectators. Therefore our start times will be slightly later during these games.

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