Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monday March 1st

Today is March 1st , and wow time flies by. It is hard for me to believe I have been gone from school and been in Whistler for almost two months. It's a huge relief that the Olympics are over but everyone seems to just want to be going home now. This has something to do with the excitement of the games being over, combined with all the people that are leaving and returning home. All of the Johnson & Wales interns left this morning to go spend a day or two in Vancouver before they head back to school. It is nice to have more room to keep our stuff again but it is sad to see many of them leave. Most of the USC interns I have talked to also wish we were all leaving too. I know we have all had a blast here but look forward to seeing our families and getting back to the school we love. This past weekend was a fun one because of the games wrapping up and all the stuff going on tied in with it. Most everyone from Clean Event ventured into Whistler nightlife this weekend, but I only chose to go out Friday because I had the next day off. A large group of us went to Merlin's where they were having a live band and it overall was a really fun time. Saturday I spent sleeping, working out and relaxing, the usual day off routine. It was supposed to be a class day but it was cancelled because of most of the people in the company being occupied and the people that were not needed a day off. Yesterday (Sunday) was such a slow day at work. We did not start until eight which was great and it was weird being at the venue because the number of people around had dropped dramatically. When I arrive in the morning I am used to seeing almost a hundred people trying to get breakfast in the work force break tent and this time around there was maybe six people getting breakfast. The people that were on-site planned to watch the USA Canada hockey game at 1215. For those who watched they know it was a great game with the US tying the score at two with under a minute left. Unfortunately for United States fans the Canadians won on a Sydney Crosby goal in overtime. Today at work is just as slow as yesterday with no helpdesk calls and most people signing off early due to lack of work for them to due. This is the last day I have to work until Saturday! All of the USC interns are getting four days in a row off between the Olympic and Paralympic games. Four of us, Dolton, Christine, Sarah and I are going to Seattle tomorrow for three nights to get away from camp and explore a city none of us have ever been to. I am really excited because I have heard a lot about Seattle but never been anywhere close to have the chance to go. Arguably the best part will be being in the United States because I can use my cell phone without being charged international rates.

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