Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday March 5th

I just arrived back in Whistler and enjoying the last little bit of our break from work. The recap from Seattle starts Wednesday night when Dolton and I went to PF Chang's for dinner for some good asian cuisine. Following such a good meal was going to see "Edge of Darkness", Mel Gibson's latest film. The movie had a very detailed, well thought-out storyline yet was slightly over dramatic for what was supposed to be a great action movie. Mel Gibson was good in the film but it needed more action to be great. Thursday was our last full day and Seattle and really our last full day off since much of Friday would be spent on a bus getting back to Whistler. The highlight of this day was definitely getting a tour of the Mariners Stadium in Seattle. It was a unique experience to get to go inside the locker room, media room, press boxes, dugout and even onto the field where the players play. Our tour guide was the self proclaimed "best tour guide" at the stadium and gave a very detailed description of the stadium in about an hour and a half tour. After spending some time in the team store Dolton and I headed by Qwest Field, where the Seahawks play to grab a few pictures. The stadium was not giving tours today but we were able to see a decent bit of it from walking around the outside. Next we walked around Pioneer Square, more of the historic side of Seattle. In fact we walked all the way back to Pike Place Market where we grabbed lunch at Chipotle. Back home I am a huge fan of Qdoba but wanted to hear what Chipotle was all about so we gave it a shot. I would have to say it would arguably as good as Qdoba but not better. From here Dolton and I walked around the mall some before taking the monorail back to the Seattle Center which was just a short walk from our hotel. It was nice to just be able to relax in the room and watch some television in quiet. I ended up falling asleep and taking a nap for an hour or so. Once I woke back up I showered and Dolton and I headed back to the mall. We were planning to grab dinner and head to Gameworks where they were having all you can play for only $10 from 9 until midnight. After eating and getting to Gameworks we realized we were going to be joined by about fifty other people for this special deal. Realizing we were not in the mood to wait for games we headed back to the room to watch some TV and continue to relax on what little time we had off left. This morning we left the hotel about eight, boarded a bus that left for Vancouver around 845 and got to Vancouver shortly after 1. This was because of the bus driving slow and numerous stops along the way. Our layover in between bus rides was in Vancouver for about 2 hours. We boarded a bus to Whistler around 3 and arrived in the village at approximately 5pm. This got us back to camp by 530 and the fact that we were about to head back to work set in. After tomorrow we will have exactly two weeks of work left and then a few days in Vancouver before heading home. This has been a great trip, I have gotten to see a lot but I am ready to be home.

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