Saturday, March 20, 2010

Monday March 8th

This is my third day back at work since returning from Seattle. Both Saturday and Sunday were slow days at the Creekside helpdesk because we only got 1 or 2 calls about issues each day. On Saturday Craig Madigan, Kylie's brother, the project manager for Clean Event for the Olympics suggested that Kylie let me off since the office was slow and it was such a nice day. Kylie agreed and let me off work after lunch once I had finished the stuff that needed to get done for the day. I was thrilled to get off so early, even more so than usual because it was such a nice day outside. This gave me the chance to head to the gym early, then get back to camp and do my laundry and get a few things done I had not gotten to do while I was in Seattle. Sunday was a pretty nice day also, and though I did not get off early, it went by pretty fast because our shift started at 8 and we were off by 4. Kylie only worked a half day Sunday and Brad came in for her at lunch because she had a trip planned to Vancouver for her two days off. Brad O'Brien was the night manager at Whistler Olympic Park during the Olympic Games and is now the supervisor for our Parkaid staff at Creekside. His work style is less serious and much more relaxed than Kylie's, because he doesn't seemed to get stressed very easily. Since work was so slow he decided to let us off thirty minutes early yesterday (Sunday) and I expect him to do the same today. Though he is more relaxed Brad seems to have a serious work ethic for when stuff needs to be done just a more relaxed one when there is not much going on. It is just me working at the helpdesk today, Lexi has begun working here too but has her days off through Tuesday. She came into the office today on her way to go snowboarding. One of the best parts of working at Creekside is that Clean Event has five workforce lift passes that enable our workforce to be able to ski/snowboard for free on our days off. I have not had the chance to take advantage of this opportunity yet but I plan to if i can get any days off. This is a huge bonus, lift tickets for a full day in Whistler are ninety-seven dollars with tax. From yesterday (Sunday), there were two weeks left of work for the USC interns in Whistler. It has been a long, fun, crazy trip but now that its March I am ready to go home. I am going to buy my tickets to Carolina Cup this week, which is the 27th, the weekend after I get back. It should be a lot of fun and a great chance to see everyone from school that I have not seen since the first semester. I did not go to Carolina Cup last year so I am excited to see what everyone is talking about. The Paralympics officially start with the opening ceremony on Friday but the first event at Creekside is Saturday. There was a lot of excitement in the days leading up to the Olympics that does not seem to be here in the week leading up to the Paralympics. This may not be true of the athletes and spectators but it is of the workforce, who mainly are worn out. Having said that it should be amazing to see the some of the athletes participating in the Paralympics. There will be skiiers at creekside skiing on one or no legs, also athletes that are blind will be competing here.

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